Author of 'Diary of Ng Panget', Not Ugly!

Denny presented to entertainment press the pre-recorded Skype interview from Italy to thank Viva Films, the producers of the movie adaptation of ‘Diary of Panget’.

Denny is 19-year old writer of ‘Diary of Panget’, the hit and best-selling serialized novel of 2013.

He expressed great delight because his Wattpad novel with 12 million reads will become a movie. He could not believe that ‘Diary Ng Panget’ will become a movie already starring Andre Paras, Yassi Pressman, James Reid and Nadine Illustre.

In person, Denny is not ugly and not mysterious. He is not like Bob Ong, the author of abnkkbsnplako!? That seems so shy so he did not show up during the press conference of the film adaptation of his best-selling book.