Bradley vs. Marquez Fight to be on October 13, 2013

After the Controversial issues about the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) after picking some questionable boxing judges, Now they are given in a tightly process to choose a deserving referee and judges to the upcoming Timothy Bradley Jr. and  Juan Manuel Marquez showdown.

According to NSAC executive director Keith Kizer, they focus on selecting the committee and officials for the Marquez - Bradley fight.

Kizer states, The veteran boxing referee Robert Bryd and the judges Robert Hoyle, Glenn Feldnan and Patricia Morse-Jarman will handle for the walterweight showdown.

Bryd will receive $5,000 (P217,000) for his service while the three judges will take $3,500 or estimated in amount of P151,970.

The Marquez vs. Bradley fight will be on the 13th of October in Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.