Denise Laurel Now Engaged to a Basketball Player

Denise Laurel is now ready to tie the knot with her boyfriend a basketball player named Solomon "sol" Mercado.

In her official Instagram account, laurel shared a picture on its very special day.

According to the actress, she is speechless when the basketball player propose to her but, she manage to say "yes".

"I'm still speechless but I got to say the most important word... Yes!.. My love @m3rcmywords I thought I was already so blessed having u as a good friend through the years..but God just keeps on blessing us doesn't he? Lil warrior and I love u with all of our hearts and I know mom dad n the whole gang do as well," says Laurel.

Laurel surprised by the proposal of her "perfect" man.

The actress also shared her engagement ring.


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