Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro in a Sex Scandal Video

Actor Enchong Dee laughed the allegations regarding a sex scandal with singer-model, Youtube sensation Sebastian Castro.

In his Twitter account, Dee says that he didn't know that he had a sex scandal.

Dee challenged to those who spread and post the video on the internet so his parents will see it.

"Astig, may video scandal pala ako?? Paki post naman para mapakita ko sa magulang ko habang nasa bakasyon kami...bilis ang daming naghahantay," ani Dee sa kaniyang tweet.

According to the social netwroks users, 10 seconds is the duration of the video using a cellphone but there's no sexuality scenes in the said video.

In his twitter account, Castro explained that he is sure that he doesn't have a sex scandal.

"Sorry to disappoint. I'm about 90% sure I don't have a sex vid. Unless my ex secretly taped us, in which case someone will die very soon," tweeted by Castro.