Is it true that Cedric Lee Was Struck, Asked 10-M From Vina Morales?

We met Carmina Villaroel in the ‘Buzz Ng Bayan’ last Sunday. There are some members of the press that asked Carmina if she knew the alleged mastermind mugging with Vhong named Cedric Lee.

Carmina was uncertainty respond or speak regarding Cedric Lee. It is hard that she in turn implicate in the issues. So, she just nodded and parsimonious answer.

Surely Carmina knows Cedric since some also encountered him from showbiz before he became ex-partner of Vina Morales and father of her daughter Ceana.

Quite remarkable the image of their separation by Cedric and Vina. Apparently, he was hurting Vina when they were together? And, the intense gossip, he captured P10 million from Vina.

Is this true? Hopefully we have a chance to talk to Cedric in order to ask these questions. We will not judge him for us not being accused of bias.